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Budget Vacation Ideas For Fun, Frugal Families

Whether you’re a family of wanderers, adventurers, or travelers, here are some interesting ways to have an extra special family vacation. Plan your next family trip with these awesome budget vacation ideas!

5 Budget Vacation Ideas For Your Next Family Trip

1. Take A Trip To A Less Known Destination

When you think of going to the beach for a family trip, chances are the top of mind beaches are also on other families’ lists. Instead of battling it out on the sand on your next budget vacation, look for alternatives that are a bit more low-key but just as beautiful. Not only will it be more affordable, but having a smaller crowd to deal with will give you less stress and your family more room for playtime.

2. Plan Ahead

Don’t you wish that plane tickets for your family trips weren’t so expensive? The good news is, they don’t have to be – if you know when to get them! When it comes to buying the most affordable tickets, the trick is to be on the lookout for the best possible flight rates way ahead of time. Subscribe to different airlines’ newsletters and notifications so you get updated whenever a good deal comes up.

Another way to score cheaper tickets is to buy them last minute, as counterintuitive as it sounds. Airlines usually drop their prices at the last minute to try to fill in as much of those empty seats as possible. If that sounds a bit too risky, you can opt to book flights that leave in the middle of the week or even to plan your family vacation for off-peak seasons.

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3. Travel Through Time

Instead of going to the same vacation spots you and your family go to annually, why not try something new? Work around your budget while you travel through time by picking a destination that has a lot of history and culture to offer. Look into places that are rich with UNESCO world heritage sites, historical museums, and even living museums to see what life was like in other times. Take free walking tours and learn about your newfound city. Be complete strangers, get lost on purpose, and just follow wherever the road takes you.

4. Visit Good Old Mother Nature

beautiful lagoon | Budget Vacation Ideas For Fun, Frugal Families | affordable family vacations 2018

Why burn money when you can burn calories instead? Give your family vacation a little twist by planning a nature-filled trip. Plan to go hiking or camping together. Take your bikes and follow a new trail or get into the water and challenge the family to go white water rafting. Mother Nature offers tons of fun activities. You just have to be creative.

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5. Do Volunteer Work

People feel good when they do good! Volunteering can be a purposeful way of spending time with your family while on vacation. There are many organizations, both for profit and non-profit, that offer free lodging and, occasionally, a free meal for a helping hand. Not only will you come home energized from a great trip, but you will have experienced a greater awareness of others’ needs and appreciation of what you have.


Family vacations can be great even when you’re on a budget. It’s just a matter of thinking out of the box and coming up with ideas your family will love. Maximize the time you spend with your family and experience new things together. At the end of the day, what matters most is you invested your most precious resource — your time — in your most precious asset — your family.

How do you keep your family vacations interesting and budget-friendly? Let us know in the comment section below!

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