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Federal Tax Rates

What Are The Gift Tax Limits This 2018?

Learn about the basics of gift tax limits and how it works with estate tax here.In this article:What Is a Gift Tax? Who Pays the Gift Tax? How Much Is the Gift Tax Limit for 2018? Is This Different from the Lifetime Gift Tax Limit? How Can the Annual Gift Tax Limit Affect Your Lifetime Gift and Estate Tax Exclusion? What Presents Are Exempt from Gift …Continue Reading

Self Employment Tax Rates | Business Tax Deduction

As a self-employed individual, learning the self employment tax rates, business deductions, and quarterly estimated payments, among others, is a must. After all, working by yourself or managing a business does not exempt you from paying your dues to the government. In fact, you bear complete responsibility for all of them. Self Employment Tax Rates | A Guide to Remember In …Continue Reading

What Is Federal Tax Rate on Inheritance?

Do you know what federal tax rate on inheritance is? If you don't or know little about it, this is the perfect time to learn more about it and how significant it may be to you in the future. Inheritances are taxed, which means before you can receive the inheritance, the IRS will ask you to pay the necessary taxes. Read on to learn more about how estate taxes work and how this …Continue Reading

What Is Federal Tax Rate On Retirement Income

Many of us dream of retirement, of the days when we can kick back and relax, garden to our heart’s content or spend endless summer hours with the grandkids. These and other retirement-related visions are lovely, and you wouldn’t want to ruin them with financial stress or woes. Which is why you should figure out ahead of time how to calculate your federal taxes on retirement …Continue Reading