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Track Your Refund

Avoid Forfeiting Your Past Tax Refund

You may not know it, but there's a chance you are one of the million taxpayers in the U.S. who's not aware that a tax refund exists. Here's how you may get one. Determining and Getting a Tax Refund: Things to Know   1. Existence of Tax Refund The IRS estimates that around $1 billion worth of tax refunds remained unclaimed in 2016. This is because most taxpayers have …Continue Reading

Where Is My Tax Refund? Troubleshooting Tips For Receiving Your Refund

A tax refund is probably on most taxpayers’ minds after filing their taxes and after a few weeks of waiting, a question of "Where is my tax refund?" come through. Getting a tax refund can be tedious. Here are some tips on checking your refund status and how to claim tax back. Where Is My Tax Refund? Some Tips on How to Get It   1. Direct Deposit Through a Checking or …Continue Reading

How Much Will I Get Back In Taxes? | Tax Relief Center

One of the biggest questions people ask after filing tax returns is this: “How much will I get back in taxes?” Contrary to popular belief, the IRS doesn’t keep more than your tax liability and does return the extra. Here are a few basics that will help you determine what you might get back for this year. How Much Will I Get Back in Taxes? | Get Estimates   Will I Get a …Continue Reading

How to Track Your State Refund

A state refund may feel like a bonus amount in our bank account or mail. However, a state or tax refund is the difference between the taxes we've paid, and the taxes we actually owe the government. This "over-payment" happens even to the best of us. How to Track Your State Refund | Where's My Refund Where's My Refund#Lauderhill #Florida Resident Gets #Prison Time For …Continue Reading