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What Is A Property Tax Calculator?

“What is property tax calculator,” you may ask. For those who need to determine the amount of tax they need to pay the local government for their properties, this calculator offers a quick and easy way of computing how much is your property tax. How does this calculator work, and where to find it? Here’s what we know about the property tax calculator.

Using Calculators To Know How Much Is Your Property Tax


What Is Property Tax?

calculators and coins | What Is Property Tax?

Property tax is among the numerous taxes imposed by the US government to its residents. This tax mostly covers real estates, and at times it applies also to personal possessions like vehicles. Property taxes are based on the fair market value of the subject property. But property tax rates are not uniform in the entire country, as jurisdictions below the state level come up with their own assessments. This will depend on the amount a local government will be needed to fund its basic public services like health and education.

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How To Compute Property Tax?

For computing taxes for real estate, one needs to find and add up the following values:

  • the total value of the property (value of land plus value of anything built on it, including renovations and improvements)
  • local government’s tax rate
  • the tax rate for other agencies or organizations like public school districts

As for personal properties, one needs to simply determine what among his possessions are subject to be taxed, and how much is the tax or fee for each item. Also included in the computation are values of intangible possessions such as stocks, mutual fund shares, and the likes. Again, the tax rate for each item differs per locality.

How Does A Property Tax Calculator Work?

man using calculator | How Does A Property Tax Calculator Work?

Given all the factors a taxpayer needs to consider, the computation for property tax may become very confusing. Apart from doing estimates of property value, one also needs to research on applicable tax rates for the overall assessment. Luckily, property tax calculators exist to help taxpayers determine their payables easily. A taxpayer needs to determine the value of the properties subject under the tax; there’s no need to look for the tax rates per locality, as the calculator already has this covered.

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Where To Find Property Tax Calculator?

alarm clock | Where To Find Property Tax Calculator?

Fortunately for taxpayers, a lot of property tax calculators are readily available online for free. There are property tax calculators via the internet which is applicable to everyone. Users just have to select the locality where he’s residing to determine the proper assessment for him. There also are available calculators that cater to area-specific computations such as this one, which concentrates on a specific locality-based assessment. In either case, both types of calculators will come handy come tax payment time.


With the property tax calculator, all you need now is to input the value of your property. Here’s a video from Phil Pustejovsky which will teach you how to determine the property value the right way:

It’s good to know how to manually compute for your property tax. But at certain times when you need to rush things, it’s best to rely on available property tax calculators to determine how much is your property tax the faster way.

Have you tried using a property tax calculator in computing how much is your property tax? Share your experiences with us in the comments section below.

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