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How To Write Off Taxes For MLM Business | Tax Relief Center

Can you write off taxes for MLM business? Like any legitimate operation, a network marketing business can benefit from tax deductions. This simple tax guide for MLM businesses will help you learn how to maximize these write-offs.

Your Guide to Help Write Off Taxes for MLM Business

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What Is an MLM Business?

MLM stands for multi-level marketing. An MLM business operates with a broad network of people who distribute their products. These independent distributors do not receive a salary, but dividends from what they sell. They can also invite more interested applicants, so more people can sell to a larger set of consumers. This leads to more potential buyers and more profits. Unlike pyramid schemes, which recruit people without selling any products or services, MLM businesses are legitimate enterprises. MLM companies follow a business code for the direct sales industry and file the necessary paperwork to function.

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Why Write Off Taxes for MLM Business?

The federal government considers them legal. So, they qualify for the same tax deductions other businesses enjoy. They are a great source of passive income since you have independent distributors selling products. The more people you recruit, the less workload you have to personally shoulder. But, they require capital and expenses to maintain. So, it is more financially beneficial for you to write off these costs in your tax report.

How Will My MLM Business Qualify for Deductions?

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First, you must ensure your MLM enterprise is registered as an official business with the IRS. This includes choosing your corporation structure, making your employees file Form I-9 and Form W-4, and following state business rules. If your MLM business operates from home, then do not forget to file the right home business forms. Form 8829 allows you to deduct expenses for the business use of your house, so you can save your income. You also have to file Schedule C, which records your income and losses. Meanwhile, independent distributors are considered self-employed. So they must file Schedule SE and Form 1040. The former determines your self-employment tax, while the latter records your individual tax information.

What Deductions Can Help Write Off Taxes for MLM Business?

The IRS considers several expenses as tax deductions for businesses, including MLM companies. Both organizers and independent distributors of MLM businesses can deduct these expenses. These are:

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  • Start-up costs, like buying raw materials and advertising
  • Electricity and utility bills
  • Internet and phone expenses
  • Renovations and furniture for a home office
  • Rent and mortgage interest for the place of business
  • Travel expenses, like car maintenance and gas
  • Insurance

How Can I Maximize Tax Deductions for MLM Business?

You will find it more convenient to integrate your MLM business with your personal life. You can conduct your selling from home, and so make house-related expenses tax deductible. Your car can double as your vehicle for business. Though you cannot deduct personal trips, you can write off expenses for business trips and maintenance costs. You can even deduct the costs of meals and supplies for sales presentations.


You can easily write off taxes for MLM business. Take these deductions, so you can survive and thrive in the market. They will save you a lot of money and will make sure your business lasts for years to come.

Do you have any questions about how to write off taxes for MLM business? Share them in the comments section below!

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