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Filing As Head Of Household | FAQs

These answers to common questions about filing as head of household might help you the next time you file your tax returns. What You Need to Know About Filing as Head of Household   Who Can File as Head of Household? To file as a head of household, you have to meet a few guidelines set by the IRS. To qualify, you have to be:Single: First, you have to be single or …Continue Reading

We Break Down The New Tax Forms 1040

As part of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has released a smaller, simpler, more streamlined version of Tax Forms 1040. These have postcard dimensions, which will replace multiple versions of IRS Forms 1040 including IRS Form 1040a and IRS Form 1040ez. Keep reading to learn more about this latest bit of IRS news.In this article:What Is …Continue Reading

Why Do I Owe Taxes? | Where Your Money Is Going

Taxes are an annual burden we all face. It’s annoying, no doubt about it. From gathering forms, seeing a tax man or booting up that tax software, to waiting for weeks or months for that refund, it causes quite an inconvenience. If all of this hassle has prompted you to wonder, "Why do I owe taxes?" then you’re not alone. Here’s a brief breakdown of why we pay taxes, where they …Continue Reading