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What To Do When You Can’t Make This Month’s IRS Installment Payment

If current financial setbacks hinder you from making your IRS installment payment this month, here are the options available to you.RELATED: IRS Penalty Calculator: Breaking Down Your IRS Late Fees Options to Consider for Your IRS Installment Payment Plan Installment Payment Plans Offered by the IRS If you have made an installment agreement with the IRS, you probably …Continue Reading

A Guide To Available IRS Tax Payment Options

Here are the different tax payment options the IRS allows, in preparation for April 15.RELATED: A Step-By-Step Guide To Settling IRS Tax DebtIn this article:Cash Payment via Your Local IRS Office Cash Payment via PayNearMe Check Payments or Money Order Debit or Credit Card IRS Direct Pay Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS) IRS2Go Tax …Continue Reading

The IRS Fresh Start Program | How Does It Work? [INFOGRAPHIC]

This comprehensive guide discusses what the IRS Fresh Start program is and how it works. IRS Fresh Start Program: A More Accessible Collection Program Click here to jump to the infographic. 1. What the IRS Fresh Start Program Is The IRS Fresh Start Program came to be as a means of assisting Americans to handle IRS back taxes in an easier way. This has made it possible for …Continue Reading

IRS Letter: What To Do If You Get An IRS Collection Notice

An IRS letter -- basically a letter coming from the Internal Revenue Service -- is nothing to be afraid of. Just keep in mind this to-do list in the event you receive a letter from the IRS. How to Respond to an IRS Letter: A Step-by-Step Guide   Step 1: Read the IRS Letter Properly If ever you receive a letter from the IRS, it may have something to do with any of the …Continue Reading