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7 Things To Do To Prepare Taxes For 2018 Early

Plan and prepare taxes for this year's tax return with this helpful guide! Prepare Taxes: Here's What You Need to Know   1. Review Your 2017 Tax Return If it’s not your first time, and you have previously filed for previous years’ taxes, you may have experienced troubles when preparing your tax returns. From your past experiences, determine which parts of the …Continue Reading

10 Weirdest US Taxes [INFOGRAPHIC]

We listed down 10 of the weirdest, and sometimes ridiculous, taxes in America. Weird US Taxes You Never Knew Existed Click here to jump to the infographic. 1. Virginia’s Sheep / Lamb TaxThe state of Virginia imposes a $0.50 excise tax on every sheep or lamb sold within the state. Virginia already imposes taxes on eggs, peanuts, and soft drinks. These raise $1.8 million, …Continue Reading

Tax Deductions And Tax Writeoffs Guide | Tax Writeoff Blog Roundup

Paying taxes is an important aspect of being a citizen, and every American must fulfill this obligation. But, what is tax deductible? Is it something everyone can have when paying their taxes? In this article, you will learn what the different tax deductions and write-offs are that you can apply when paying taxes. What Is Tax Deductible? | A Blog Roundup    1. What Are …Continue Reading

South Dakota v Wayfair | Ruling On E-Commerce Sales Taxes

Decided on June 2018, South Dakota v Wayfair ruling has the power to change the e-commerce landscape in several ways. In this case, the Supreme Court ruled states have the authority to require e-commerce companies to collect sales tax. While the exact rules are not completely clear or set in stone yet, here is a look at the case, the history of e-commerce sales tax collection, …Continue Reading