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State Tax Information

9 Best Tax Laws Ranked By State | Tax Relief Center

What are the best tax laws ranked by state? Everyone needs to know their state's specific tax laws. If you want a state tax refund, you need to know your state's personal income tax. So you know how much your state owes you. Things can become a bit complicated since each state has different tax laws. So, we're here to list some great state tax rates, which could save you a lot …Continue Reading

How Are Bonuses Taxed?

Receiving a bonus eases the burden of how to make ends meet, or for some, a great way to pad their wallet. For whatever reason, there's still a concern on the question: how are bonuses taxed? Luckily, there is a bonus tax rate calculator for easy computing. But are there categories meant for bonuses in order for them to be taxed the way it is? Well, let's finds out, shall …Continue Reading

What Is an IRS 1099 Form?

If you’ve hired someone who doesn’t regularly work for you to do a certain job, you may have heard of the IRS 1099 Form. It’s what you need to file to tell the IRS about the people you signed freelance contracts with. But where do you start? Don’t worry, this article will try to answer all the frequently asked questions about the 2017 1099 Form. IRS 1099 Form: A Simple …Continue Reading